"Bora da, rwyn gobethio bod mae
I gyd mewn iechyd da"

Sunday, July 4, 2004


"You, Glyn, are the most stubborn and determined patient that I have ever had", said our District Nurse Jean.

I like to think I was at least partly responsible for her obtaining her well deserved MBE. Not because she was an excellent nurse, as they are all excellent. It was because she had in her spare time raised over £100,000 with her coffee mornings and concerts for our cottage hospital's patients.

"Oh Jean!", I replied, "but why would you say such a thing about me?". "Becuase as soon as I've left you, you will be off on your 'motorbike' (quad scooter) again, won't you?". "Err... yes, Jean", I replied, meekly. "Good for you Glyn! You just will not give in, will you?!"

So I said to her, "But is it because of or in spite of your and my wife's ministrations that, after I've had a nasty MS relapse, I keep bouncing back so well?". "I have no idea, Glyn. But will you do me a favour please?". "Of course, Jean. What is it?". "Will you go and see a local lady with MS? Ever since she was first diagnosed, being an only child, her parents over-pampered her, even stirring her tea for her. Perhaps you can try and get her to come out of her house."

I went to visit her a number of times.

I would literally beg her to come out for a run in my car. Anywhere! But she kept refusing. I saw that she had a typewriter and I wrote letters to her, but unfortunately she never replied to me or anyone else. She was just sitting there, vegetating.

After her parents died she went into a nursing home. As far as I know, she's still there. What a sad tale. If there is a moral to her story it's this: 'whilst one can, DO, with determination'. OK?

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