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I gyd mewn iechyd da"

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Songs of Praise

A few years ago I had a phonecall from a BBC researcher for Cliff Mitchelmore's 'Songs of Praise' programme (some of you older members will remember him).

We made an appointment to meet each other and a few days later she (a very pleasent and lovely young lady) came to our farm to meet me. She asked me all sorts of questions.

I asked her why the BBC had chosen me to appear on their TV programme. The researcher told me that she had spoken to local radio broadcaster John Shone for the names of local people involved in local issues. And as I was at that time the unopposed District and Community Councillor, as well as chariman of the local branch of the National Farmers' Union, and president of the local branch of the Young Farmers Club my name was put forward.

I still have a video of that programme with Cliff and myself on my wheelchair going around our farm. Cliff (a very friendly bloke) asked me which hymn I would like to be played on the programme. I asked for "Count your Blessings".

The congregation sang with gusto. Cliff asked me why had I had chosen that hymn in particular, especially in view of the fact that in addition to having MS I also had prostate cancer and diabetes. I told him that I had a wife and five disgustingly healthly children. The law of averages would say that one of us would fall ill, and whilst I was certainly no martyr, I thank God it was me who became ill and no-one else in our family.

A few weeks later, as I was constantly getting bladder infections, my family doctor made arrangements for me to meet a urologist. The urologist was a lady who is well travelled both in the UK and Africa and is a person whom one would be very foolish to cross. She read the notes my GP had written about my problem and said, "Glyn, I want you to come into hospital. We have to find out as to what is causing you to have so many infections, but unfortunately there is a three month waiting list". "But wait a minute, didn't I see you on 'Songs of Praise' a couple of weeks ago?". I meekly admitted that she did. Then she said, "Although I am agnostic, the singing was truly lovely. Can you come into the hospital next week?"

I went into the hospital where they ascertained that the infections were caused by my bladder not emptying properly. It was then that I started on ordinary catheters, and later onto my present sub-pubic catheters, which are excellent.

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