"Bora da, rwyn gobethio bod mae
I gyd mewn iechyd da"

Thursday, January 3, 2002

Road rage

There is quite rightly much publicity given to the disgraceful evidence of 'road rage'.

But what about the opposite of road rage?

The good humoured drivers. As a person with MS I went recently to a respite care home at Dyserth near Prestayn, Wales for a break.

One nice sunny day I had seen a sign saying 'Prestatyn 4 miles', so I thought that I would go on my Bec electric scooter to Prestatyn. I had 2 new batteries at £100 each, which it stated were capable of a 20 mile run.

However on my way back it was obvious that the batteries were running down. I wanted to go up a slight slope to get onto the kerb. I was unable to get up the slope.

So I called to a young boy aged about 10 years old who was cycling around to give me a push. This he willingly did, and I carried on along this kerb until the kerb came to an end. This meant that I would have to cross the road to get to the kerb on the other side.

As there was no traffic about I started across the road at about half a mile an hour. When I was half way across a car came from my left, so I stopped. So did the car. Then another car came from my right and he also stopped.

In just a few seconds there were a number of cars, and a large juggernaut, all stopped. But they all had pleasant smiles (and not smirking smiles). When they were passing, yes still smiles, and the juggernaut driver called out to me. He sounded like an Irish Scouser (having been married to a Liverpool Lass (a 'Scouser') for 46 years I quickly recognised the accent). He called over to me "And are yu shore dat yur alreet maite?". I just smiled and nodded back to him.

But what lovely, friendly people. The exact opposite of road rage!

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