"Bora da, rwyn gobethio bod mae
I gyd mewn iechyd da"

Monday, February 11, 2002

Good samaritans

About 5 months ago my wife and I were going to a social gathering in Anglesey which was starting at 11.30am, so we set off from our home in Flintshire, North Wales at 9am giving us one and a half hours to travel the 70 miles to get there.

We were travelling along the A55 past Abergele. My wife was driving up a slight incline. She was accelerating to go faster, and although the engine was accelerating, the car was not moving any faster. It was obvious that the clutch must be slipping.

I've driven all sorts of vehicles for over 50 years, cars, vans, motorbikes, small lorries and tractors and have never had a clutch slip on me before.

My wife kept on driving as we were most eager to get to the meeting. However, about 12 miles after driving over the Menai Bridge to Anglesey the clutch went altogether and the car came to a stop. After the car stopped moving my wife trod on the brake pedal, but it rolled back a yard or so. The trailer with my electric scooter on it went slightly across the roadway.

Many cars passed us tooting their horns at us in annoyance, but there was absolutely nothing we could do.

Fortunately, we had our mobile phone with us, and we phoned for help. We were stuck there for nearly three quarters of an hour, hearing irate drivers tooting their horns angrily at us.

Another car went past us. His brake lights came on, and I said to my wife "That car looks as if he is stopping". His reversing lights came on as he reversed back down to us, and the young driver came to our car, asking if we were in trouble. We told him that we sure were!

The young man went to unhook the trailer from our car and as he was unhooking it another driver also stopped. Between them they pushed our trailer into a lay-by.

We thanked both men profusely, real 'good samaritans'!

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